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Now You Can Have More 
"Calm" in Your Life!

2 Minutes can be the Key to More Energy, More Peace, More Focus and More Happiness 

Want to know how to really meditate?
How to take ME TIME for a peaceful day, mind, schedule, or life?

       Need more productivity at work?

   You don’t want to use pharmaceuticals to calm down?

    Frequent bouts where life is just too much to take?

Hi ~ Sheevaun here. 

I tried for years to find inner peace and realized that I needed my own way to getting to a calm and happy place. I created Learn to Meditate in Two Minutes so that I could have that calm and peace and now share it with you to give you the running start at meditating for the first time or reigniting the meditation practice you once had. 

I was once there – 

~ over stressed,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ didn't have enough time,
~ getting up at 4:00am to get to the job,
~ traveling all over the country not taking care of my health,
~ running a million miles in many directions,
~ overcommitted and under appreciated,
~ pressure from bosses, clients, relationship,

and then . . .

WHAM  my body got sick and I nearly died from exhaustion and stress. 

I literally ended up in the emergency room and was told that I needed to rest for a month so that my body could heal.

The doctor told me to meditate and I said - What get this mind to be quiet?

Well I discovered that I had a key to teaching anyone, even the busiest minds to get some quiet and have more energy. I started teaching people how to meditate at the request of a friend who told me I taught her. I was surprised at how I used what frustrated about my journey for meditating and inner calm and taught from there. 

What I put together is a step by step process that executives, secretaries, healthcare workers, mom's, lawyers, business owners, etc all have used successfully. 

These techniques have been tested and proven to work with tens of thousands of people. You’ll be using them in a matter of minutes. They may save your life like they have mine.

Learn from the expert meditation teacher, ex-corporate junkie and now Master of Energy how to get quiet and meditate in just two minutes. These are the most simplified techniques to ensure you achieve success at peace and meditation from the start. 

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I have taught thousands from the boardroom to the bedroom "how to meditate" in 2 minutes - yes two minutes. I wrote this book after teaching corporate type A personality types how to get free from stress in 2 minutes. It is filled with the simplicity you need to get some inner quiet, shut the head up and really meditate in 2 minutes. This book is filled with treasures in each chapter. You could relieve stress forever after using the techniques in this book.  I even write in the first chapters how to bypass the foundational stuff and get to meditating. 

There are over 12 different two minute techniques in the book. They are simple and yet profoundly powerful. 

Even the most experienced meditator's will benefit from the step by step treasures.

Short (about 15 minutes) Guided Journeys, infused with real life principles so that you get rid of stress NOW!

 Time and convenience are yours:

Time and convenience are the key here and for that we have provided a downloadable version for you and you can get yours here today AND still get the bonus' below.

Research shows that meditation changes brain wave patterns from spiking due to negative stress, anger, frustration, worry, anxiety. Those patterns become smoother and the brain is then able to function more wholely allowing more mild manner dispositions and yet functioning more fully throughout the day. Time and again you see statistics from science, Orthodox medicine and companies large and small that creativity, productivity, focus, decrease in workplace sick days is dramatically changed by meditation. 

Save Money: People who are sick of being sick become healthier, because of meditation, than they have ever been even if you’ve been told it’s impossible or you take a shopping bag full of prescriptions. Companies are embracing meditation more each day like the ones I've shared these techniques with ~ Hyundai, Edwards LifeSciences, Allergan, Boeing, etc. 

  Meditation has been proven to relieve pain and stress. It has been proven to improve clarity and focus and it has been proven to help heal relationships. The more internally peaceful you are the more vibrant your health. Through the Learn to Meditate in Two Minutes - for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient book you get there fast. 

 Over 15 years teaching meditation: I have taught meditation techniques for over 15 years to corporate boardrooms, engineers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, firemen, police officers, prisons, schools. You will find that these techniques I share in this book will enhance your meditation practices or if you're just learning for the first time. 

 Taught over 27,000 people to meditate!

I'm going to take all the risk so that you will succeed. If in 30 days you've found the 2 minute meditations don't work then we'll refund your money.

You know it works because we guarantee it AND that we've had tens of thousands who have learned to use these techniques.

 To your health, peace and abundance, 

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This is the most simplified of all meditation teachings available for anyone of any skill level or any other practics. Enjoy!


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